Timber windows

Natura – timber windows

This is the classic range of quality optimised timber windows and doors available in a standard range of 15 colours for both the inside and outside. NATURA represents beautiful and original Danish design, highly regarded the world over. With Low E or double Low E glass, U values more than meet the requirements of the Irish weather, whether for new projects or refurbishments. The beautiful lines enhance the look inside and outside that we all associate with a real wood window in its traditional design with a wood frame and a wood sash, creating a warm and comfortable environment.

Natura is designed with a minimum of 90% FSC certified heartwood. The oily core of the tree is nature’s own impregnation form and the heartwood is the finest part of a pine tree that ensure our timber windows and doors longer life.

Our timber windows in Natura range has glazing beads and bars in aluminum as standard in the same color as the frame. Glazing beads and bars in the wood traditionally shorter life on window itself, as they are more exposed to the weather. Aluminium glazing beads makes it much easier to maintain timber windows and doors, so they last longer and look good year after year.