Idealcombi in Ireland

Idealcombi windows in Ireland

FGM Windows supply Idealcombi windows for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Idealcombi’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and sell a wide range of wood, PUR, aluminium composite windows and doors of high quality.

Facts about the Idealcombi factory:

  • Idealcombi factory is Denmark’s largest window manufacturer.
  • Idealcombi founded by Bent and Henning Søgaard in 1973 and remains today a family owned business. With a production area corresponding to approx. 12 football pitches and a high-tech, ultra-modern and efficient production facilities, has Idealcombi of the largest, total window production under one roof in Denmark.
  • Idealcombi today is market leader of energy efficient solutions for windows and doors and has around 600 employees in Hurup Thy, Copenhagen, London, Oslo and with agents in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Ireland.
  • In 1998 celebrates 25 year anniversary and starts – as the first window manufacturer in Denmark – to optimize quality for windows and doors with a high-tech “Woodeye” system that scans heartwood timber, detects defects such as knots, colour blemishes and dimension flaws in size and position, which is then cut off.
  • The company now houses 115,000 mproduction area and is the largest independent window manufacturer.

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